Abeer Saqer at the 2017 IWEC Conference

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Abeer Saqer receives 2017 IWEC Award.

On November 12th – 14th, 2017, Abeer Saqer was recognized along with fifty-three other globally successful women entrepreneurs as an IWEC Awardee during the 2017 IWEC Conference. The conference was held at the Microsoft Corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

2017 IWEC awardees

IWEC Anniversary

For their 10th Anniversary Conference and Awards, the International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation (IWEC) held the theme Connecting Women-Owned Businesses Globally: Accelerating Growth Through Innovation and Technology.

2017 IWEC panel

Keynote speakers and attendees also included Peter Martinez, the CEO of Game Changer Tec from the United States; and Aylton de Sousa, Microsoft’s Cyber Security guru.

IWEC 2017 Awardees and DelegatesAbeer Saqer and Princess Noor during 2017 IWEC

Abeer standing with a number of awardees and delegates, including Sunita Bajaj, Vice President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. In addition, she had met Princess Noor of Jordan.

Abeer Saqer: 2017 IWEC Awardee

The IWEC award was presented to Abeer Saqer by Princess Noor Asem of Jordan; IWEC Chairwoman, Ruth A. Davis; and Vice President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Sunita Bajaj.

Abeer Saqer receives 2017 IWEC Award.IWEC 2017 trophy

With her twenty-one years of experience in healthcare and international patient services, Abeer Saqer was able to establish the Memorial International Patient Care Network in Houston, Texas. Having been commended for her work as an expert medical consultant, Ms. Abeer Saqer was recognized as one of the 2017 IWEC Awardees.

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