Abeer Saqer


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Memorial International Patient Care Network

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Over the course of two decades, Abeer Saqer has risen to become one of the most trusted medical consultants in the world and a pioneer in medical tourism. As the CEO and founder of the Memorial International Patient Care Network (MIPCN), Abeer has dedicated her career to building a network of doctors in the United States to patients in the Middle East and beyond.


Abeer’s passion for care began as a child when her mother would travel from where she lived in Kuwait to receive medical care in London. The experience inspired her to seek a career in medicine and build a better life for patients who wished to find first-class medical care in the West.


This led her to the Cancer Center. Here, Abeer established a service that would enable patients from all corners of the world, primarily the Middle East, find state-of-the-art health care and services in Houston’s burgeoning medical community. Her work would then lead her to Memorial International Patient Care Network as a means of accommodating patients seeking the best healthcare possible in United States.

Abeer Saqer Health Care Professional

Abeer Saqer understands that health care extends far beyond addressing immediate medical needs. Her experience in the field has enabled her to approach every individual with concern, empathy, and a high level of respect for their background and cultures.

I believe that getting well not only depends on the patient’s environment but also on the people who surround them, which is why I strive to make my patients feel comfortable and cared for during their time in Houston, says Abeer.


The Memorial International Patient Care Network provides 24-hour service to patients outside the United States. Together with her team, Abeer Saqer will:

  • Reviews patient records prior to arrival
  • Provides financial counseling
  • Prepares pre-arrival cost estimates
  • Identifies appropriate specialist(s) and helps to arrange appointments with physicians and consultants
  • Coordinates care among specialists to ensure full comprehensive communications
  • Arranges accommodations and transportations before patient’s arrival to ensure his comfort.
  • Arranges for VIP accommodations at the hospital and around the city
  • Assists with preregistration
  • Facilitates expedited access to medical records
  • Provides interpretation and translation services
  • Provides for special religious and cultural needs and diets during hospitalization.
  • Provides lists of places to visit while in Houston, including shopping, restaurants, hotels, local events, travel agency information, catering and many more
  • Follows up with patient’s home physicians to coordinate treatments available

Over the years, Abeer’s work has been sought after by a number of business leaders, corporate executives, international dignitaries and foreign leaders such as George H. Bush. In addition, she has helped fund the advancement of cancer research through her philanthropic efforts. In total, her efforts have contributed over $120 million dollars to medical and scientific initiatives.

Abeer Saqer is ready to help you find the quality care you deserve in the United States.

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