Through the Memorial International Patient Care Network Executive Health Program, Abeer Saqer helps patients obtain an all-encompassing, individualized wellness evaluation in one place. The program involves a two-fold objective, which includes:

  • Prompt diagnosis of health risks
  • Establishment of preventive health solutions

The Team

Because the Memorial International Patient Care Network is situated within a prime and nationally distinguished healthcare system, Abeer Saqer can assist you in finding medical care, assessment, and consultation with experts in its facilities.

The team of specialists is comprised of board-certified medical experts in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Cancer, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Gynecology and Women Health,and Wound Care & Amputation Prevention.

Medical evaluations under the guidance of these adept and skilled doctors includes the following:

  • All-inclusive examination customized for each patient based on clinical indications for age and gender.
  • Quick access to the secured medical records portal
  • Easy online scheduling of consultation appointments
  • Travel medicine

Health Evaluation

Under the executive health program, your health evaluation with medical specialists will involve the following:

  • Extensive medical history and physical assessment
  • Complete blood chemistry profiling
  • Diagnostic lab tests
  • Cardiovascular tests
  • Medical screenings
  • Musculoskeletal examination
  • Preventive testing
  • Physical fitness profile
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Hearing and vision tests
  • Body fat composition tests
  • Gender-specific tests, like pelvic examination, mammogram, and bone density


Before the actual consultation, you will be given registration forms to fill out. An appointment coordinator will contact you to acquire additional information and help in prescheduling medical appointments and tests. Specific instructions may also be given for any necessary nutritional and activity restrictions.

What to Expect

One of the associated physicians will perform an extensive assessment of your family and medical history. A comprehensive physical examination will follow as well as a session with a physical therapist and a registered dietitian to evaluate your fitness and nutritional habits.

Afterwards, you will meet with the physician for a summary conference. A copy of your medical results will also be given. Your complete and confidential Executive Health Portfolio will also be sent to you within the next few weeks. Should you wish, you can also be provided with a copy of your portfolio for your primary care doctor.

To Schedule an Evaluation

Abeer Saqer and the Memorial International Patient Care Network will consider your time and schedule. Thus, arranging appointments are made accessible and more convenient by providing a streamlined online registration for consultation.

Your overall health is important. Let Abeer Saqer help you in your medical journey through the Memorial International Patient Care Network’s Executive Health Program. To schedule a consultation, kindly click here.