As the founder of the Memorial International Patient Care Network, Abeer Saqer has spent the last twenty-one years bridging gaps between patients and surgeons the world over. Her work has granted countless patients access to first-class medical care in the United States, establishing her as among the premier specialists in the realm of medical tourism.

If you are from the Middle East and beyond and are seeking patient care services for treatment in the United States of America, allow Abeer Saqer to connect you to her network of top-notch medical practitioners and surgeons.

Patient care services in the United States of America


Consultation & Questionnaire

Your consultation with Abeer begins with a brief questionnaire. During this time you are required to share your complete medical history with Abeer while addressing any concerns and discrepancies you may have. She will use this information to create a complete itinerary for your stay in the United States. Should you be accompanied by your family, they will be factored and included in your itinerary. In addition, financing options will be discussed and explored.

Connecting Patients with Doctors

Once Abeer has a clear understanding of your needs and medical history, she will begin to search for your specialist/surgeon. Her connection to a number of the United State’s elite medical practitioners will enable her to narrow her search and connect you with the perfect specialist/surgeon who can address your needs.

Financing Options

Together with your doctor, Abeer will explore the financial capabilities of your trip and your treatment in the United States. She will also look into the feasibility of having your trip subsidized by your government and will draft a letter of consideration that will detail every aspect of your proposed medical treatment and surgery- if necessary.

Flights & Accommodations

Every aspect of your medical trip to the United States will be considered and budgeted by Abeer. This includes your flight in-and-out of the country and your hotel and hospital accommodation, should you require an in-patient surgical procedure. If you will be traveling with your family, Abeer will cover their stay as well by providing them with a detailed itinerary of activities and areas to visit.


Upon your arrival to the United States, Abeer will schedule a consultation between you and your specialist/surgeon. During this consultation, you will have the chance to meet with your specialist/surgeon and raise any questions and concerns you may have about the treatment plan or the procedure itself.

On the day of your surgery, Abeer will be at the hospital to ensure every need is met.

Returning Home

You may return home once you have been medically cleared by your doctor. Abeer’s experience in medical tourism as a patient care coordinator has given her the foresight needed to ensure your recovery time is factored in before booking your flights in-and-out of the United States.

Follow-Up Consultation

Once you have returned home, Abeer will schedule follow-up consultations between you, her, and your specialist/surgeon. These consultations will be conducted over Skype or any video communications software of your choice. These consultations will enable Abeer and your specialist/surgeon to see your progress towards recovery. Should any complications arise, these online consultations will allow them to discuss and plan any surgical revisions, if necessary.


Abeer Saqer’s passion for providing state-of-the-art health care to foreign visitors to the United States has allowed her to develop the Memorial International Patient Care Network. Her commitment to her clients has enabled her to work with recognized and respected world leaders such as George H. Bush, foreign dignitaries, and corporate executives. With these services, allow Abeer Saqer to coordinate your medical journey to the United States.

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