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Abeer Saqer is a “Guardian of Arab cancer patients.”

Al Nahda Magazine

“To Abeer – I appreciate all your caring work.”

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America

“I want to thank you for all the love and care you give to our patients and their families. You made the families feel welcome”

President, George H. W. Bush

“We would like to convey our deep appreciation and gratitude for the excellent service that you provide to our patients.”

Dr. Ahdi Al-Ghanim, Health Attaché, Embassy of the State of Kuwait

“On behalf of His Excellency Colonel Sulayman Al-Bassam, I would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for the great effort which you have been investing in helping Saudi Arabian patients with their appointments. We have been impressed with your competency, cooperative attitude, and quick response to our requests. “

Dr. Muhammad Quabbani, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

“Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the help and cordial cooperation that I have received from you during my stay in this beautiful city.”

Ambassador Minou Serry, Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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