Top 5 Countries with Highest Plastic Surgery Patients

Published on April 4, 2018


Top 5 Countries with Highest Plastic Surgery Patients

The USA, based on published reports on the ISAPS website, continues to dominate the list for the third year in a row since 2014, followed by Brazil, Japan, Italy, and Mexico.

With the most number of active surgeons – pegged at 6,600 – in the world and a stellar reputation in the field, it’s no surprise that the country would also have the most number of plastic surgery procedures done within 2016.

As in recent years, breast augmentation and liposuction remain the top two surgical procedures while Botox and the lip filler hyaluronic acid claim the year’s top two spots for non-surgical treatments in the USA.

Among states, most patients flock to the following for access to some of the leading names in plastic surgery and top-notch facilities: Texas, California, New York, and Florida.


Factors as to why the US consistently ranks at the top destination for plastic surgery

In my two decades of working in International Patient Care, I have had the privilege of both facilitating and directly giving quality healthcare to patients of various backgrounds – mainly from the Middle East – who seek state-of-the-art service in the United States.

Time spent talking with patients, discussing expectations, and exploring treatment plans has led me to identify a few factors that remain constant when they go through the process of choosing where to get treated. These are:

  • Surgeon experience
    • A sizable number prefer a specialist with at least 10 years of experience
  • Referral method
    • Most of my patients put much weight in references made by their general practitioners, as well
      as family members and friends
  • Travel time
    • For local patients, especially in the Houston area where I’m based, an hour’s drive is ideal
    • International patients, in comparison, find value in packages offered by my team that include accommodations and tours in the city where treatment takes place
  • Cost
    • Despite differences in socioeconomic levels, most patients set similar price ranges for plastic
      surgery procedures

Quality treatment in Houston

Among cities in the United States, Houston continues to register record numbers of plastic surgery patients each year. It is the kind of environment where facilities such as Memorial International Patient Care Network (MIPCN) thrive. As more and more patients come in, my sensibilities as a healthcare consultant are increasingly challenged to bridge the gaps – in language, culture, and dietary practices – to give quality healthcare that MIPCN is known for.

“It’s the community aspect of Houston in relation to its need for innovation that sets it apart from other cities in the country”, shares Dr. Patrick Hsu, founder, and CEO of Memorial Plastic Surgery. “The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center has enabled board-certified plastic surgeons such as myself with the chance to interact with and treat patients from all walks of life, allowing us to really understand the cultural needs of patients from every corner of the world.”

My own extensive travels have instilled in me a deep sense of appreciation for what each culture brings, especially in the ever-changing field of medicine. And I might be biased, but my career in the USA has only strengthened my belief that international care patients can have most, if not all, of their needs satisfactorily met when they choose to be treated here.

Houston is home to some of the most prestigious and rigorous training grounds for all types of healthcare professionals – from consultants such as myself to plastic and reconstructive surgeons and even cancer specialists. The facilities that have been built here also house equipment that caters to a wide range of patient needs.

Outside the world of medicine, Houston also offers a lighter, fun-loving side with its array of waterparks, museums, and natural wonders. Dining options range from fast casual to fine with signature Texan flavors and flair.

World-class healthcare is at your fingertips! To learn more about your plastic surgery options, please contact me today at [email protected]

Abeer Saqer


Abeer Saqer is the CEO of the Memorial International Patient Care Network at Memorial Medical City. There, Abeer assists individuals and families from around world to receive world-class and state-of-the-art medical care in the United States. She has served as a consultant to government leaders, foreign dignitaries, and corporate executives.

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