Hormonal Optimization is a preventive treatment everyone needs it, Both men and women, and it can be started from the age of twenty since there is no information determines when the starting period of the hormonal imbalance, although many people think that the need for hormonal optimization starts from the age of fifty and many disregarded as part of “Normal Aging”.

Through our vast specialities and top USA doctors we provide all advanced treatments in the world of preventive care to all patients seeking treatment in the United States from different countries such as: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Eygpt and many more, pursuit of all advanced and innovative that provide a distinguished health care for them.

About the Treatment

I have been fortunate to work with the leading specialists in Age Management medicine and Hormonal Optimization who assist women and men live their lives with excitement and enthusiasm regardless of age by helping them feel stronger, younger, rested and energized, and reverse the signs of aging on their physical, mental, and emotional health

Hormonal imbalance treatment is a safe preventive treatment that restores natural hormone balance, improves our moods and helps finding relief, it also includes the prevention of diseases caused by normal aging such as dementia, osteoporosis, depression, heart disease and other diseases caused by infections.

These specialists have dedicated their careers to provide several treatment options of hormonal imbalance based on the diagnostic differences between patients, including:

  • HRT
  • Peptides
  • Supplements
  • Nutrition
  • Exercises
  • Life Style Changes

Through the great support from Abeer Saqer and her team, our patients will have the same motivation, positive energy and ambition they had in their twenties!


We will begin with an initial consultation to learn about your medical condition via telephone call, Skype, Whatsapp or whatever is suitable to you. This session will typically last between 15 – 20 minutes. Over the course of our consultation, I will learn more about your illness, your medical history and we will begin to discuss treatment options.

From there, we will connect you to a specialist who can attend to your needs. Once your specialist review your medical record, we will schedule another online consultation if needed. This will enable to arrange for your trip to USA.

We will provide you a letter of appointment that has all the information needed to prepare for your trip.

* Patient must hand carry the following:

  • All Radiology films (X-rays, CT, PET, MRI)
  • All past and current medical reports
  • Pathology slides & Paraffin block (ONCOLOGY PATIENTS)

Evaluation will start from the first day and it may take up to one week. Plan of treatment will be discussed with the patient. Our staff will coordinate all aspects of the patients visit with the hospital. We are committed to making you and your family feels as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

For more information regarding your short-term or long-term stay, please contact us here as soon as possible.

Cost of Treatment

An accurate cost estimate will be provided after the evaluation is completed and it will depend on:

  • Type of treatment performed
  • The number of specialists needed to provide the care
  • In-patient and out-patient at the hospital
  • Anesthesia, pathology, Labs and more
  • Prescribed medication

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to America with my family?

Yes, you can travel to the country with your family. My team and I can process the necessary paperwork and Visa applications. We will also fill out an itinerary of activities they can enjoy during your stay in Houston.

How I can communicate with my doctors if I don’t speak English?

We will provide for you language assistant that is needed for your medical treatment

How can I manage all my appointments?

We will coordinate all your medical trip appointments with the specialist and testing, you will receive a daily information about your next appointment and if any preparation is needed

Can my Primary care physician in my country communicate with my USA doctor before I go back home?

Yes, we will provide you all your medical records to take back to your doctor, we will ongoing care

Can you help me with my Visa?

Yes. We will help you get the needed medical approvals, letter of appointment and cost estimate to represent to the embassy when required.